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Working Together to Protect Our Drinking Water Sources

Everyone should be able to trust that the water they drink is safe. Protecting the sources of our drinking water - lakes, rivers or underground aquifers - is the first step to ensure safe drinking water through the development of a Source Protection Plan (SP Plan).

North Bay-Mattawa Source Protection Plan (Effective Date July 1, 2015)

Explanatory Document (Explains rationale for each policy)

Assessment Report (Identifies vulnerable areas and threats)


The North Bay-Mattawa Source Protection Authority (SPA) coordinated the development of the Source Protection Plan (SP Plan) to protect the sources of five municipal drinking water systems in our watershed:  Callander, Mattawa, North Bay, Powassan and South River. The SPA appointed the local Source Protection Committee (SPC). Who worked with the municipalities, various stakeholders and the general public to ensure that the Source Protection Plan is relevant at the local level and that our drinking water sources are protected now and for future generations. The SP Plan is based on the scientific and technical findings and consultations contained in the Assessment Report.


The SP Plan designates bodies to implement the policies including municipalities, provincial ministries, the Source Protection Authority, the Technical Standards & Safety Authority and the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA). Municipalities will implement the plan through a variety of strategies, including their own official plans and bylaws, and other bodies will implement policies through the legislative and regulatory frameworks required in the SP Plan.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us at or contact Source Protection Staff at 705 474-5420.

Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Act was passed by the Ontario legislature to assist communities with protecting their municipal drinking water supplies at the source. Through source protection planning, communities across Ontario identify potential risks to local water quality and water supply, and create a plan to reduce or eliminate these risks. Development of the Plans is overseen by local Source Protection Committees and involves watershed residents, municipalities, conservation authorities, property owners, farmers, industry, health officials, community groups, and others.

Source Protection Planning is governed by the Clean Water Act, 2006 and has been fully funded by the Province of Ontario to March 2015.

Learn more about Ontario's Drinking Water Source Protection Program by visiting

Ontario's Source Water Protection Map

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Community Consultation

Callander-Wasi Agricultural Stakeholders North Bay-Mattawa Drinking Water Source Protection

Source Protection Committee Meetings The North Bay-Mattawa Source Protection Committee (SPC)

Source Protection Committee Meetings The North Bay-Mattawa Source Protection Committee (SPC) is scheduled to meet on the following dates.

5 Positions Available on Source Protection Committee

Applications for Source Protection Committee members representing Municipal (3), Economic (1) and Public-at-Large (1) sectors are now being accepted by the North Bay-Mattawa Source Protection Authority til October 31, 2017.

Free Plants for Shoreline Property Owners

NBMCA offering free plants and planting to shoreline and stream bank properties to help protect water quality