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2018 Source Protection Annual Report

This annual progress report outlines the progress made in implementing the source protection plan for the North Bay-Mattawa Source Protection Area (effective date of July 1, 2015), as required by the Clean Water Act and regulations.

The report rates progress on implementation of policies by all affected municipalities, ministries and agencies as specified in the source protection plan. It also flags challenges experienced with certain policies, local threats and a pre-existing issue.

All of the source protection plan policies (30 out of 30) have been implemented.

  • The provincial Ministries have reviewed existing permit approvals near vulnerable areas to determine if adequate measures are in place to manage activities so that they do not pose a significant threat to municipal drinking water sources. The Ministries have also established protocols, procedures, training, and guidelines to screen applications, undertake detailed reviews and impose conditions on permits if deemed appropriate to ensure compliance with source protection plan policies.
  • All eight municipalities have implemented all significant threat policies. However, the education and outreach approach used for the implementation of Policy SMF1, Municipal Action to Prohibit Land Application of Nutrients, does not technically constitute a prohibition. A full explanation is provided in Section 7 of the 2018 Annual Report. 
  • Policies to address the microcystin issue (blue green algae blooms) in Callander Bay through research and monitoring, as well as education and outreach efforts to spur action by residents, require ongoing commitment and resources. The five affected municipalities (Callander, Chisholm, East Ferris, North Bay and Powassan) will need to continue efforts collectively and work to develop a multi-year work plan that will be within their capacity.

As required by the Minister's letter which accompanied the SP Plan approval (dated March 5, 2015), a work plan was prepared and submitted in November 2018 which proposes several updates and improvements to the Source Protection Plan and Assessment Report. Part of the update tasks will be to assess the effectiveness and appropriateness of the policies in the current Source Protection Plan to protect sources of drinking water and recommend changes and/or additional action. The work will occur in 2019 and winter 2020.